Saturday, June 19, 2010


Over the years, I've shared my life with lots of dogs and cats, but there are two that stand out; their careers overlapped during my teen years, and they were my best friends , Blackie and Nipper.

I have no pictures of them, so these are close approximations, particularly of Blackie-the only things missing are the chunk out of his left ear and the scars on his head...the old boy was a brawler, a fifteen pound tom with all the original equipment. I got him for free back in '71, and we shared good times, homemade spaghetti, and the occasional glazed doughnut until his death in late '75-he finally met a dog he couldn't whip.

Nipper was actually my ma's dog, a birthday present as a puppy in '73; he got his name because the first thing he did when I picked him up was to nip my nose. Since I was the one who generally exercized him, we hung around a lot together. Nipper wasn't my dog...he was my buddy.

In late '76, we moved back into the city proper, and I guess it really didn't suit Nip, because he took off-friends who still lived in Campito said they periodically saw him, running with one of the local packs. I asked Ma if she wanted me to fetch him home, and she said, "No."

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