Tuesday, June 1, 2010


There are women who leave no impression at all...there are women who grab hold, and stay; I'm blessed enough to be married to one.

Then, there are the ones who didn't stay, didn't quite reach that level where they get called "girlfriend", "lover", or anything like that, but still had an influence...they left a mark.

No pictures, sorry- there's only one whose picture I'd be able to post, and it wouldn't be fair to the others. In fact, she's first.

ANNETTE- If you're a guy around my age, you know who I'm talking about.

LOIS- The first girl I ever dreamed about...I was five.

BARBARA- She of the freckles and the shy voice. The gym teacher made fun of her because she couldn't do a cartwheel, and I wanted to clock him.

SUZY- The most popular girl in junior high, yet you treated everyone like people....had I asked you to the dance, what would've happened?

GLORIA-Long brown hair, big brown eyes, shy...I was scared to talk to you, too.

CHRIS- Slim, blonde, older than me, married, pregnant; you listened to me at the drop-in center, and you really cared.

DEBBIE- THe first girl I ever kissed, and who ever kissed me.

HELEN-Who smelled of cherries, and wore bathing suits to run the projector at the Ohio.

A raised glass, a prayer, and love, to all of you; you helped me get to where I am today, with someone who loves me, gets me, walks with me....thank you.

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