Friday, June 18, 2010


I invited some friends from a discussion site I frequent to visit "POINTING THE CANNON" recently, and they did. of them responded, "Cool, Alan, but when are you going to explain your squid fetish"?

Actually, I like octopuses better, but I have used this illustration from "20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA"often in posts-it's just cool. I do find octopuses fascinating creatures, and have since childhood.

I've a vague memory of being at a zoo, perhaps Toledo or Detroit, at the Aquarium, standing before a tank, watching this enormous sea beast crawl over the glass, white suction cups against a gray-brown body that showed flashes of other colors, an eye that appeared to be squinting right at me...I was terrified, mesmerized, all at once.

Ever since, I've read about them, watched them in films of fact and fiction, and even eaten one, although octopus isn't high in my list of favorite munchies. I'd like to go to an aquarium where they have one of the larger specimens, and be allowed to feed it, as I've seen on YouTube.

Until then, there's always PBS.

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