Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Just before I moved from Lorain, I lived in this building, in an upstairs apartment; mine was the two to the right, without awnings. I couldn't find any pictures of it when it was whole, but it had been there from 1928...I lived there from 1987 to 1991. I'm not certain when it was torn down.
There used to be so many upstairs apartments on Broadway, generally occupied by older folks who'd lived in them for years, paying very low rents. The city bought up many of these buildings in the late Seventies, to make way for the railroad underpass on Broadway. A whole lot of businesses, and living spaces, went away for that.
No, I'm not here to complain about "progress", or bemoan the loss of the buildings, particularly that one; someday, I might write an entry about my stay at 1444 Broadway, but not now. I'm just musing about change in general, I guess.
I figured it up one evening, and in the time I lived in Lorain, I've had about twenty different addresses, most of which have been gone for years. My friend Dave, who's a year older than me, spent most of his life in the same house in Avon Lake...I wonder, which of us had the richer experience?

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