Tuesday, June 29, 2010


We had a record player a lot like this one when I was little...it was blue and white, and looked like a suitcase. We had all kinds of music in the house, from the classical lps my Aunt Glenna had left behind to the latest Motown 45s; these we'd get from the older kids down the street, who loved to see my brother Mike dance...they'd buy two of everything (at .50 a crack) and give us a copy.
The record player was one of the few machines in the house we were allowed to operate without adult supervision- I was only eight when the Beatles broke, and I was the oldest. We played everything, and loved it all, classical, rock-n-roll, r&b, even the Disney records I got through the mail. My Aunt Delores left stacks of 45s when she moved out, and we played those a lot-here's a favorite of mine....
I loved this song, dunno why.
I can't recall the last time I carefully clicked a spider (that's what they're called, really) into the hole of a 45 record, but I miss that...I miss the dusty scent of warm tubes and speakers, the fun of playing a record at 78 rpm, or 16, for that matter...CDs and I-Pods just ain't the same.

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